What Are The Benefits of Walking For Exercise?

Walking helps boost endorphins in the body which eases stress, tension, anger, fatigue, and confusion.Walking helps reduce the risk of glaucoma and can halves Alzheimer's disease risk over 5 years.Walking limits sickness by halving the odds of catching a cold.

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Are you wondering about a healthy vegan diet?

6 Dangerous Dieting Myths That Could Be Holding You Back From Losing Weight!

6 dangerous dieting myths that could be holding you back from losing weightDie-ting Tips Gone Wrong

Let’s learn to take the die out of dieting. Diet and nutritional advice is one of the most common questions that we see in clinical practice. It is apparent that people get continuously misled when it comes to advice to lose weight, restore health and prevent disease. The usual culprit of the misinformation is the media, internet, health professionals and most commonly, your neighbor.

Health, wellness, disease prevention and treatment techniques should not be too different. A great example includes weight loss advice. In many instances one is given advice to lose weight at all cost, even sacrificing one’s health to achieve weight loss. Losing weight should not be the objective; it’s restoring healthy food and activity to help heal the body. If you lose weight and forget about the health of the body, you die lighter.

5 Reasons Why A Healthy Eating Plan Is Different Than A Diet

As I was passing through the checkout lane on a recent trip to the supermarket, I noticed that on the covers of most of the magazines there was an article about how this or that celebrity miraculously lost a ton of weight. The most recent example of this was in regards to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Every article I saw speculated on what crash diet Kate went on to get ready for the big day.

In the age we live in, we have grown accustomed to relying on quick fixes to get us ready for an event. Whether it’s to fit into a wedding dress or get ready fro a high school reunion, we usually favor the quick fix crash diet over a common sense eating plan.

The reality is that if we just stick to a healthy eating plan, we can completely eliminate the need for crash dieting. Once you make a lifestyle habit of eating healthy, you will no longer have those moments of terror when an invitation comes in the mail or you see an old boyfriend on the street.

Let’s get into this by first establishing what the difference is between a diet and a healthy eating plan. If you know the difference between the two, you will be able to start a healthy eating program that will eliminate any need for a quick fix.