All You Need To Know About Anxiety Medication

In this fast moving and competitive environment, anxiety attacks are getting too common these days. People who suffer from anxiety and stress tend to suffer from rapid pulse rate, suffocation, dizziness during an anxiety attack. Everything becomes normal after a span of 10-15 minutes, as if nothing has happened. In such cases, it is important for a patient to visit a physician at the first place to relieve himself from anxiety. Anxiety medication is of two types: the old one and new one. In the former mode of treatment, the medication often consists of benzodiazepines while the latter one uses anti-depressants or at times beta blocking drugs. All these drugs can only minimize the effect of anxiety attack; none of these can actually cure anxiety. The biggest risk involved with these drugs is increase of dependency and also it takes time for the body to adjust with the medication. There are a lot of chances that a particular medicine which might be working wonders on other patients may not be effective in your case.

The first word that is often associated with anxiety medication is tranquilizer. A lot of people have this notion that tranquilizers are used for serious psychological issues. The tranquilizers, as the name suggests bring peace or tranquility to your mind. They reduce the burden on the nervous system leading to its slow down. Though, Tranquilizers are used all over the world but it is advisable to use them only under doctor’s supervision. As far as medications for anxiety is concerned, Zanaprin is a better alternative as compared to Xanax and Zoloft. The side effects of these drugs overshadow their benefits. Moreover; Zanaprin is non-addictive unlike Zoloft and Xanax.

Exceptional safety issues are also coupled with anxiety medication. Quite a number of the anti-anxiety drugs slow down the functioning of the brain. These drugs are effective during night but if taken during day, may lead to troubles. They may cause giddiness, nausea, drowsiness and many other problems. You need to make it a point that you don’t take these drugs alone on the middle of the day. One of the grave issues related to these drugs is dependency; therefore, if you have been confined to these drugs for a long period of time by your doctor then you need to take a second opinion from some other doctor. Anti-anxiety drugs are not meant to be a long term answer in anxiety medication.

The anti-anxiety medicines should also come with the same warning labels as those on anti-depression medicines. It is not uncommon to hear a lot of patient’s dependant on these anti-depressants have either committed suicide or have been aggressive towards others. One needs to have a complete knowledge regarding the side effects of anti depressants before taking them. Medicines can never cure the anxiety disorder, they can only keep control on the symptoms so that an individual can live like any other ordinary man. Above all, one must find a way to vent out negative feelings, have a positive attitude towards life, to live a happy and peaceful life.

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