Panic Attacks – What are they and why do they happen to you?

Panic Attack TreatmentsA panic attack is a symptom of an anxiety disorder when the victim’s negative emotions are at peak. Those negative feelings such as unreasonable and unrealistic fear and worries are what caused the victim to enter the panic state. When someone is undergoing a panic attack, there are a couple of physical symptoms that the victims are going to experience. These symptoms are dizziness, a feeling of choking, nausea, clammy hands, racing heart beat, uncontrollable shaking and shortness of breath.

There are millions of people all over the world suffering from this disorder. The majority of them who are experiencing a panic attack are due to the genetics that they have inherited from their parents, who are probably anxiety disorder sufferers, as well. According to statistics, people who inherit the gene from their parents who have an anxiety disorder are seven times more likely to experience panic attacks than normal people.

From what scientists have discovered, the panic attack gene proteins will affect the balance of the nervous system cells that communicate with each other. They suspect that this imbalance will causes brain oversensitivity, and trigger a panic attack on the victims. The studies also show that not every single person who carries the panic attack gene DUP25 is guaranteed to suffer from the panic attack or other anxiety disorders.

Hereditary reason aside, there are also several reasons for why normal people can develop anxiety disorders. Numerous or repeated panic attacks can be triggered by a traumatic event or drug misuse. There are statistics that show at least 8 per cent of those sufferers experienced a panic attack because of drug misuse. Another study suggests that people who always suppressing their emotions are also prone to panic attack.

Panic attack can be happen anytime and anywhere; it does not matter whether you are alone or with others. In fact, the attack can even happen to a person who has just woke up from a sound, restful sleep. The victims are usually women in their young adult years; usually before age of 24.

Experiencing a panic attack is never a pleasant experience. The best action for victims of panic attacks is to seek immediate treatment. Although someone can prevent or eliminate the incoming panic attack with the proper treatment, it is still possible for the occasional relapse. However, this is not something to worry about as the possible relapses can be reduced with the help of stress-relieving activities such as yoga or exercises.

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