You Don’t Have To Be a Doctor To Understand Depression

smiling womanSheryl is 32 years old and has been dealing with depression for the last 19 years.  She has been diagnosed with clinical depression and has been suffering with the pain and discomfort of her depression for what seems to be a lifetime.

This is Sheryl’s story…

“I’ve lost my mother to breast cancer when I was just 12 years of age. Naturally, I took it badly, and I know for sure that everything in my life, every aspect of my life, went down hill from that point forward. I was diagnosed with clinical depression disorder two years later, when I turned 14. I was miserable and my father was devastated. Now I feel like such a disappointment to my friends and family, and I really don’t know what to do with my life and how to eliminate the terrible pain I constantly feel. Depression makes me feel very much alone, I also feel very sleepy (although I sleep a lot), as if I have a massive weight on my shoulders that is pushing me down to the floor, and I mean it both, mentally and physically. Like many other depression sufferers, I don’t have the energy to go out and do things even my hobbies are being neglected, I have a hard time holding on to a job or to a relationship. I just feel worthless and helpless… I feel as if I have done something wrong, that has made everything going bad for me. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it…Depression is a terrible disease! ”

Depression is described by people as “having a black cloud of despair over your shoulders”. Although the causes of depression are yet to be investigated, most depression disorders manifests in a distinguished set of symptoms that differ from one sufferer to another:

Main Depression Symptoms:

  • The most common of all depression symptoms is feeling sad and melancholy, most of the time.
  • Depression sufferer might have sleeping problems, such as having problems in falling asleep or problems in waking up.
  • People with depression suffer lack of energy or a low level of energy.
  • They lose any interest in their usual activities.
  • Depression, many times, manifests in lose of appetite, followed by dramatic weight changes.
  • Depressed people might suffer problem in making decisions, focusing, remembering fact or concentrating.
  • Most of the time, depression has to do with feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or guilt.
  • The most dangerous of all depression symptoms is having suicide thoughts or actually trying to kill one self.

In order to be deal with depression and even beat it, it is important to identify the signs of depression.

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Author: Sharon Kaplan is the owner of Depression Symptoms web site. Sharon uses her site to increase awreness of depression by providing the common people with common knowledge about depression, using a down to earth language.

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